First Post

Well hello there.  This is a placeholder entry while I figure out how I want this place to look and before I post my first thing.  I am not entirely sure what this blog will be about; it won’t have a set topic the way I see many blogs have, and hence, it probably won’t really be read by many people.  I have some theories on some things I’d like to talk about (this started with an idea for a weekly blog post about a music album that I feel like talking about…this may happen).

I’ll basically wing it.  I may have some planned posts, but others will probably just happen when I feel like talking about something.  I will try to be analytical and not just bullshit like I used to in high school on my *shudder* Xanga.  no “OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH REPUBLICANS” here.  I will try to link to articles if what I am talking about is beyond the scope of just my opinions.  I may just have posts that say “You guys should watch this TV show so it does not get cancelled” but I may also have posts that talk about the ramifications of the military being in charge of Egypt’s transition to a new democracy.

Hopefully by the end of the week my first real post will be made, we will see what it contains.